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The Education Shop is a website run by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM).

It has thousands of articles, study guides, interviews, reviews, books, videos and DVDs covering the arts, humanities and science curricula. We also offer the ability to subscribe to our magazines (Metro magazine and Screen Education magazine) at the site.

The Education Shop is of use to teachers, lecturers, parents, students and the general public with an interest in education, who are looking for materials to help them with their teaching and learning at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

All print resources are available in both electronic and hard copy formats:

  • Print resources in electronic form are available for immediate download (in PDF format) from The Education Shop for AU$4.95 each.
  • Hard copies can be mailed to you within 48 hours of payment, and are available for AU$9.95 each (inc. postage). To order printed copies, please contact us.

The site also stocks books, videos and DVDs, and these can all be purchased online.

arrow Click here to go to The Education Shop.

The Education Shop is always looking for new material to sell through the Shop. If you are a filmmaker, publisher or have material you would like to sell through The Education Shop please contact us.

Please note all our contracts are non-exclusive. We never seek the exclusive rights. ATOM is interested in selling to Australian and New Zealand and/or any other territories.

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