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Cover Metro is a partially refereed quarterly magazine specialising in essays, articles and interviews on Australian, New Zealand and Asian features, shorts and documentaries. It also covers television, radio, animation, games and new media.

Founded in 1963, Metro is Australia's oldest film and media periodical. The magazine embraces the tradition of the essay, immersing the reader in well-informed, analytical and thought-provoking discussion.

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No. 206, 2020: Contents
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Australian and New Zealand Cinema

Alone Together: Gregor Jordan on Adapting the Intangible in Dirt Music – Stephen A Russell
House of Horrors: Ageing and Loss in Natalie Erika James' Relic – Josh Nelson
Performance, Transgression and Transformation: Angie Black's The Five Provocations – Gabrielle O'Brien
All You Can Be: Self-actualisation, Self-acceptance and Disability in Paul Barakat's Kairos – Hanna Schenkel
Aussie Mayhem: Judd Tilyard on Jesse O'Brien's Two Heads Creek – Oliver Pfeiffer


Sounds of Loss: Time and Displacement in Allison Chhorn's The Plastic House – Susan Bye

Forever Young: Music and Mystery in Sam Zubrycki's Miguelito: Canto a Borinquen – Jasmine Crittenden
Singing from the Rooftops: Art, Ambition and Hometown Pride in Liselle Mei's Love Opera – Rebekah Brammer
Making Visible: Out Here, Love Bites and LGBTQIA+ Documentary on the Small Screen – Kim Munro

Beyond the Big Screen

Sweet, Sour and Spicy Country: Isolation as Performance in The Beach – Kenta McGrath
Signs and Wonders: Bringing The Luminaries to Screen – Anthony Carew

Hidden Idols and Clued-in Contenders: The Evolution of Australian Survivor – Dave Crewe
'Rummaging Through the Rubble': Creative Restraints in Prototype's Rapid-response Care Package – Kim Munro

Focus on Asia and the Middle East

Laughter Through Tears: Palestine and Self-portraiture in the Films of Elia Suleiman – Anthony Carew
Indeterminate Past: Death, Regret and Time Travel in Mattie Do's The Long Walk – Kate Robertson

Screen Education

Cinema Science: Picking Up the Frequencies of The Dish – Dave Crewe
Counterfeit Images: A History of Blackface on Australian Television – Stephen Vagg
Pandemic Paradox: Navigating Technology in the Time of COVID-19 – Steven Aoun

Critical Views

'The Show Must Go On': Transgression and the Carnivalesque in Moulin Rouge! – Adolfo Aranjuez

The NFSA Restores Collection

The Cheaters – Ina Bertrand

Regular Features

Scope: Screen Industry Views
The Winter of Our Discontent: Australian Cinema Under Lockdown – Rochelle Siemienowicz
Infectious Scrolling: Social Media, Mental Health and COVID-19 – Adolfo Aranjuez
Belonging and Representation: The 2020 Freeplay Games Festival – April Tyack
When Live Venues Become Screen Hubs: The Sydney Opera House Goes Online – Liz Giuffre