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M59 - #PBS-FM Radio Ascolta
By: Rebecca Coyle
Looks at Ascolta Radio Group, formed in 1977 by students and stafff of Brunswick East High School, which provides access to students wanting to be actively involved in media production and to represent the culture of the Brunswick area in Victoria.

ASE28 - 10,000 Miles From Graceland
By: Matthew Dillon
An appreciation of the role of Elvis in popular culture.

M127/128 - A Beginner's Guide to Textual Analysis
By: Alan McKee
It stuck me that we have a very odd lacuna at the heart of Cultural Studies of the media. Textual analysis is the central methodology and yet we do not have a straight- forward published guide as to what it is and how we do it... So I attempted to write s

ME8 - A Unique Australian Film Culture: Developing an Indigenous Screen Identity
By: Chris Peacock
Murriimage began operating in South East Queensland in 1985. Over the past 10 years, this indigenous video and film production organisation has contributed to screen culture development through a broad range of activities…

M86 - Advertising and Australian Cultural Identity
By: Peter Greenaway
A study of two recent Australian advertisments.

M121/122 - After the Fox - Whither Film culture?
By: Barrett Hodsdon
Barrett Hodson comments on the role and direction of screen culture in Australia.

M121/122 - After the Fox: Whither Film Culture? (Decline in funding, screen culture)
By: Barrett Hodsdon
A decline in both government film funding and in local film and television production has seen increasing debate about a 'crisis' in local film making, while reports and surveys on various aspects of the industry have produced alatming statistics and so

M100 - All That is Left - The Early Life and Works of Cecil Holmes (23rd June 1921 - 24 August 1994)
By: Dean Williams
In his 1981 article entitled “Australian Left Film History”, Charles Merewether opens with some pertinent words about how we in Australia are more familiar with the oppositional film culture and independent film practice of Europe and America than we are

M66 - All Theat Glitters
By: Ken Berryman
A look at awards ceremonies and their place in film and video culture.

M121/122 - An Anatomy of Light - Corporeality and Identity in Animation
By: Daniel Black
This article explores the development of animation; from merely a children's entertainment tool, into mainstream popular culture.

M121/122 - An Anatomy of light: Corporeality and Identy in Animation
By: Daniel Black
In recent years, animation has become a more visible part of mainstream popular culture. After spending several decades restricted to various media ghettos such as children's entertainment, advertising and even educational films, the cartoon has seeped

M102 - Ancestor Worship: The Earthly Paradise of Jane Campion's Universe
By: Vikki Riley
In Australia and New Zealand, at a time when the politics of our cultural identities have temporarily replaced traditional notions of class struggle, Jane Campion had taken the extraordinary step of making an anthropological film about her own cultural id

M131/132 - Anime, The West and Asian Popular Culture
By: Andrew Dynon
Television series have marked the three major influxes of anime in the English-speaking world, with the commercial release of the first dubbed videos representing a smaller, but nevertheless important, wave. This article discusses anime's influence and p

M131/132 - Anime, the West and Asian Popular Culture
By: Andrew Dynon
This article shapes the world and history of anime and its emergence into the West. It is spilt into 4 sectors; First Flux: The 1960s, Second Flux: The 1980s, Intermission: The Late 1980s and early 1990s and Third Flux - 1995 - 2001 and Beyond.

M123 - Art and Organisation: Making Australian Cultural Policy - Review
By: R.A Goodrich
Book Review - 'Art and Organisation: Making Australian Cultural Policy' By Deborah Stevenson (University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 2000)

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