Kate Durham's paintings

HOPE features the paintings of artist Kate Durham.

Kate Durham

There is no known archive footage or photos of the SIEV X or of its sinking, so Kate's paintings, which are an attempt by the artist to 'imagine' the event, became an important visual motif in the film. Editor Uri Mizrahi skilfully blended Kate's paintings with images of water, using them to great effect - especially during the part of the film where Amal describes the sinking and the events which followed.

HOPE Director Steve Thomas first met Amal Basry at an exhibition of Kate's work in Melbourne in December 2005. Amal was greatly moved by Kate's work because, she said, 'your pictures talk. They show that every person on the SIEV X has a story'.

Kate subsequently mounted a further exhibition at the Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria in March 2006, by which time she had painted 353, 20cm x 20cm pictures, one for each of the 353 victims of the SIEV X disaster.

Footage of the Melbourne and Shepparton exhibitions is included in HOPE.

Kate's exhibition has since travelled to other parts of Australia, for example Canberra in 2007. The Fryer Library at the University of Queensland has taken over responsibility for the custody of the exhibition artwork.

You can watch an interview with Kate about her work.

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