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RICHARD BIRRINBIRRIN (Birrinbirrin & Associate Producer)

Richard Birrinbirrin is Treasurer of the Aboriginal artist's co-operative, Bula'bula Arts, in Ramingining.

A man with a keen intellect and empiric understanding of balanda and yolngu "ways of life", he is an excellent ambassador for the Art Centre, as well as for Aboriginal Art in general. Birrinbirrin is also an Executive Member of ANKAAA (a peak Indigenous Arts advocacy organisation).

Born in 1953 at Milingimbi mission Birrinbirrin, was initiated on the beach outside his father's (David Malangi) self constructed tin-shed home.

Malangi was always keen that his sons and daughters recieved "two way" (balanda and yolngu) education and Birrinbirrin went on to become a mental health worker for the Ramingining Clinic for 10 years.

As a leader in ceremonies Birrinbirrin is not new to performance. Indeed, he made his public performance debut in New York in 2002. As an accompaniment to The Native Born exhibition, Birrinbirrin and his brother Gulaygulay were commissioned to perform a dada (smoking) ceremony. Birrinbirrin has travelled to Taipei, Tokyo and Canberra to make public art.

A keen supporter of TEN CANOES during its development phase, Birrinbirrin's enthusiasm and assistance provided important introductions of the filmmakers to the Ramingining community.

Birrinbirrin is currently (2005) a recipient of an Australia Council grant for New Work and a well travelled ambassador for Bula'bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation.

(Reproduced with permission from Bula'bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation.)

RICHARD BIRRINBIRRIN (Birrinbirrin & Associate Producer)