CRUSOE KURRDAL (Ridjimiraril)JAMIE GULPILIL (Dayindi/Yeeralparil)RICHARD BIRRINBIRRIN (Birrinbirrin & Associate Producer)PETER MINYGULULU (Minygululu)FRANCES DJULIBING (Nowalingu)PHILIP GUDTHAYKUDTHAY (The Sorcerer)DAVID GULPILIL (The Storyteller)Ten Canoes

Peter Minygululu, an exhibiting artist, and ceremonial leader, was born near Mirrngatja around 1942.

Minygululu paints the story of his father's country - the land around Mirrngatja, which is on the eastern side of the Arafura Swamp.

During the development of TEN CANOES, Minygululu was consistently supportive of the project. He is not only an authority on making traditional artefacts such as bark canoes, he also remembers the time when poling across the Swamp to collect the magpie geese was an annual event.

(Reproduced with permission from Bula'bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation.)