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DAVID GULPILIL (The Storyteller)

David Gulpilil was born in 1953, in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. He grew up in a tribal lifestyle in an area north east of the world famous Kakadu National Park where his ancestors have lived for thousands of years.

In 1969 the British director Nicholas Roeg chose David as the lead in the feature film WALKABOUT filmed on location in Northern Australia.

David Gulpilil is one of Australia's most accomplished exponents of traditional Aboriginal dance and the native wind instrument, the didgeridoo. Hehas toured his dances Australia wide and internationally and has performed with his troupe in the United States, Great Britain and France. He and a group of his native dancers performed at the Australian Pavilion at the World Expo 1985 in Osaka and also in Tokyo.

In 1987 Gulpilil was awarded the Australia Medal, one of the highest awards to Australian citizens, for his services to the Arts.

Gulpilils career as an actor since WALKABOUT has been extensive. He has appeared in feature films such as MAD DOG MORGAN directed by Philippe Mora and also starring Dennis Hopper; THE LAST WAVE directed by Peter Weir and also starring Richard Chamberlain; STORM BOY directed by Henri Safran; THE RIGHT STUFF directed by Philip Kaufman; DARK AGE directed by Arch Nicholson; DEAD HEART directed by Nick Parsons and starring Bryan Brown; SERENADES directed byMojgan Khadem; and the Wim Wender's feature film UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD.

Gulpililalso appeared alongside Paul Hogan in CROCODILE DUNDEE, and choreographed the Aboriginal dance sequences. He also starred in the Australian film RABBIT PROOF FENCE directed by Phillip Noyce.

TEN CANOES is the second feature film working with director, Rolf de Heer. In 2002, Gulpilil received numerous acting awards for his role in THE TRACKER, notably winning Lead Actor at the AFI Awards, IF Awards and the Film Critics Circle Awards. He also won Best Actor at the Tudawali Awards.

DAVID GULPILIL (The Storyteller)