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We have developed the following iBooks. Click on the icons below to download them from iTunes.

Audacity: Stories of Heroic Australians in Wartime       Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide iBook       Australian Backyard Explorer iBook

Driven to Diffraction iBook       Gallipoli: Australians in World War I iBook       Gallipoli from Above: The Untold Story iBook       Gallipoli: The Landing iBook

Guess Who? iBook       Indigenous Australians At War iBook       I've Got a Feeling iBook       Kakadu iBook

Mad Bastards iBook       The Mystery of a Hansom Cab iBook       Re-enchantment iBook       Shifting Shelter 4 iBook

Shining a Light iBook       Westall ’66 iBook       Westall ’66 History iBook       Westall ’66 Video iBook

Developed with the assistance of Film Victoria

Latest study guides

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From the Western Frontier - the Third Space
Study guide - (*.pdf, 7652KB)

Whiteley: in the Iconic Artist's Own Words
Study guide - (*.pdf, 6788KB)

HOME: The Art of Ian Strange
Study guide - (*.pdf, 7743KB)


The Surgery Ship
Study guide - (*.pdf, 2828KB)

Testing Teachers
Study guide - (*.pdf, 5660KB)

Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia
Study guide - (*.pdf, 14119KB)


Study guide - (*.pdf, 22349KB)

Stargazing Live
Study guide - (*.pdf, 5552KB)

Stargazing Live - Family Guide
Study guide - (*.pdf, 1783KB)


Stargazing Live - Teachers Guide
Study guide - (*.pdf, 1758KB)

Stargazing Live - Schools Poster
Study guide - (*.pdf, 2899KB)

Stargazing Live - Star Stories of the Dreaming Indigenous Astronomy Guide
Study guide - (*.pdf, 4648KB)


Miracle Hospital
Study guide - (*.pdf, 5003KB)

Cyberhate with Tara Moss
Study guide - (*.pdf, 2615KB)

On the Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music
Study guide - (*.pdf, 2013KB)


 View full list of recent study guides.

 Visit The Education Shop for study guides older than eighteen months.