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Screen Education is a partially refereed quarterly magazine written by and for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools in all curriculum areas, as well as some areas of tertiary study. The magazine also publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics.

Published by Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM), the magazine builds on many decades of experience in delivering screen literacy programs for teachers and students. Firmly grounded in both theory and practice, the magazine brings more awareness about the diversity and complex character of the moving image, simultaneously promoting the joy of learning and an appreciation of screen culture.

The magazine includes practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology, and book and DVD reviews.

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No. 85, 2017: Contents
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New & Notable

There's No Place like Home: Finding Family in Hunt for the Wilderpeople – Sarah Ward

Rose-coloured Rear-view: Stranger Things and the Lure of a False Past – Myke Bartlett

Talking Society

Screen Dreaming in Cleverman: Reimagining Indigenous Identities – Felicity Ford

Nurtured by Nature: Reconnection and Respite in All the Time in the World – Kath Dooley

Blockbuster Central

The Quiet Screams of the Horror Blockbuster – Peter Gutiérrez

Screens in the Classroom

Switched On to STEM: Stile and Double Helix Lessons – Celia Lambert
Player Prototypes: The 2016 STEM Video Game Challenge – James Crafti
'No Dancing Cat Videos': Embracing Video Content with ClickView – Jane Shields

Filmmaker Profile

Quentin Tarantino – Anthony Carew

Teaching Media

Fear, Ridicule and Scientology: Documentary Representation in Going Clear and My Scientology Movie – Rebekah Brammer

Finding Nemo in the Three-act Structure – Sam Higgs
Think Before You Click: Advertising on Children's Websites – Lisa Kervin

Tech’d Out

Sync or Swim: Zeetings – Kevin Lavery
Virtual Toolkit – Jane Shields

Film as Text

Western Unrest: Genre and Commerce in High Noon – Zoë Wallin
National Nightmare: Mob Mentality and Colonial Failure in Wake in Fright – Nicholas Godfrey
Flight from Destiny: Into the Wild and the Getting of Wisdom – Susan Bye

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