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writers submission, reference and style guide

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writers release form

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Dear Name,

Re. ‘Name of Article’: Letter of Agreement

Thank you for submitting your article for review and consideration for publication by ATOM.

I am delighted to advise that ATOM would like to publish your article in Screen Education and online as part of (‘The Education Shop’) on the following terms:

  1. A) In consideration of ATOM paying you a fee of amount in words ($    ) upon delivery of the article currently titled ‘Name of Article’ to ATOM, you grant ATOM, subject to clauses 1b, 3, and 4, a non-exclusive license to exploit the article in all territories throughout the world and in all media whether now known or later devised, to ATOM in perpetuity.

    B) If you wish to republish this article you must wait twelve months after publication by ATOM and your new publisher must acknowledge that the article was first published in Screen Education and then print ATOM’s publication web site ( In some circumstances ATOM would be willing to waive the twelve-month window on publication but this would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  2. You warrant that the article is your sole original work, is not defamatory, and does not breach any right, including copyright, of any third party.

  3. ATOM reserves the right to determine the date of publication of the article in Screen Education and online as part of The Education Shop. ATOM will notify you of the date of publication. If ATOM does not publish your article within twelve months of receiving it from you, this agreement is null and void.

  4. You consent to ATOM editing, altering and making changes to the article in such manner as ATOM thinks is reasonably necessary to fulfil legal, policy or general editorial requirements. Any significant changes, besides spelling, grammar and punctuation, will be checked with the author before publication.

  5. You consent to ATOM publishing your name, approved likeness and selected biographical material for the purpose of publicity and promotion of the edition of Screen Education in which the article is published and The Education Shop.

  6. You acknowledge and agree that ATOM is entitled to all revenue that may result from publication of the article online at The Education Shop.

Kindly indicate your acceptance of these terms by signing both original counterparts of this letter where indicated below. Please return one signed, original letter to ATOM and retain the other signed, original letter for your records.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Tapp

Publications Manager