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Cover Metro is a partially refereed quarterly magazine specialising in essays and articles, reviews, interviews and analysis of Australian, New Zealand and Asian features, shorts and documentaries. It also covers television, radio, animation, games and new media. Published since 1968, Metro is Australia’s oldest continually published film and media magazine. The magazine embraces the tradition of the essay, immersing the reader in well-informed, analytical and thought-provoking discussion. It receives funding from Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen NSW.

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Issue 180, Autumn 2014: Contents
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Special Feature: Horror Films

Umbilical Fears: Jennifer Kent's The Babadook – Briony Kidd
Every Breath You Take: Mark Hartley's Patrick – Tara Judah
Not Quite Richard Franklin: An Interview with Mark Hartley – Oliver Pfeiffer
Heart of Darkness: Wolf Creek 2 – Greg Dolgopolov
'Creep-out' versus 'Gross-out': Horror Movies at the Australian Box Office – Mark David Ryan
Down and Out Down Under: Aussie Horror and International Distribution – Glenn Dunks
The Black Hole: Remembering 1980s Australian Horror – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Talking Clichés: Crawlspace and the Genre Problem – Dave Hoskin
Blood Ties: Ursula Dabrowsky's Inner Demon – Michael Aronovitz
Beyond the Crypt: Donna McRae on Art and the Academy – Michael Helms
Tasman Carnage: Monster Fest, Stranger With My Face, and Make My Horror Movie 2013 – Alicia Lewis

Australian and New Zealand Cinema

Sediment and Transformation: John Curran's Tracks – Sarah Ward
Living Inside the Work: Sophie Hyde Discusses 52 Tuesdays – Nicholas Godfrey

Australia and New Zealand on the Small Screen

Fissures in the Fiction: The Broken Shore – Greg Dolgopolov
It's in Our Hands: The Ethics Behind Better Man and Just Punishment – Fiona Trigg

Focus on Asia and the Middle East

Tales from the Islands: Raya Martin and Contemporary Philippine Film – Mara Coson
City Limits: Yuval Adler's Bethlehem – Sarinah Masukor
Boundless Plains to Share: Lost Years and the Chinese Diaspora – Juliana Qian


Performing History, Performing Truth: The Act of Killing – Rebecca Harkins-Cross
Beneath Our Radiant Mushroom Cloud: Fallout – Anthony Carew
Spirits of Affirmation: The Darkside – Kit MacFarlane

The NFSA's Kodak/Atlab Cinema Collection

The Man from Hong Kong – Constantine Verevis

Industry Perspectives

Romancing the Crowd: Katrina Fleming and Grace Julia on Crowdfunding – Zenobia Frost
Wild, Wild East: The Vladivostok International Film Festival 2013 – Russell Edwards

Regular Features


Immediacy, Education and Combating Piracy in the Digital Age – Tara Judah
Thinking Outside the Idiot Box – Michael Clarkin
The Not-so-far East: The Busan International Film Festival and the Asian Film Market 2013 – Michael Clarkin
The Lion Roars – Russell Edwards
Sport 2.0 – Liz Giuffre
Rising from the Ashes – Dan Golding
Which Direction: The Australian Directors Guild Conference 2013 – Lauren Carroll Harris

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